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Review film Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck
Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck

Directed by Sunil Soraya
Produced by Ram Soraya, Sunil Soraya
Written by Donny Dhirgantoro and Imam Tantowi
Based on Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck by Hamka
Starring Pevita Pearce
Herjunot Ali [2]
Reza Rahadian
Randy Nidji
Gesya Shandy
Arzetti Bilbina
Kevin Andrean
Jajang C. Noer
Music by Ariel Nidji [3] [3]
Studio Soraya Intercine
Release dates December 19, 201
Running time 165 minutes [4]
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian,
Minangkabau ,
Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck
(English: Sinking of the van der
Wijck) is a 2013 Indonesian
romantic drama film directed by
Sunil Soraya and written by Imam
Tantowi and Dhony Dirgantoro.
Starring Pevita Pearce, Herjunot Ali, and Reza Rahadian , the film based
on Hamka's novel, Tenggelamnya
Kapal van der Wijck, and released in
theaters on 19 December 2013 in Indonesia

Pevita Pearce as Nurhayati
Herjunot Ali as Zainuddin
Reza Rahadian as Aziz
Randy Nidji as Muluk
Arzetti Bilbina
Kevin Andrean as Sophian
Jajang C. Noer as Mande Jamilah
Niniek L. Karim as Mak Base

This film setting at 1930. It start from Zainudin who want to go to his father village, Batipuh, Padang. He want meet his father family. But when he come there, Mak Base (his aunt) and other family dislike him. But his aunt let him live in Batipuh with them because Zainudin give her alot of money.

One day, Zainudin meet Hayati, the most beautiful woman he ever see. He feel in love with her. Hayati also love him because Zainudin is a gentleman and kind.

But their love story really beautiful and sad. I cant tell you more but I swear their love story really beautiful. They just write letter for telling their felling. And I really like their dialouge. How can it realky sweet?

One of dialouge I really love is "Aku cinta akan dikau, Zainudin," or in english it means "I feel in love with you, Zainudin."

I think Pevita's acting is good. Herjunot too. But sometime he over act. When he sad and cry out his saliva droll. So the scene that I supose sad or tearing, because his over act, I can't stop my laught.

Well, if you can understand Bahasa Indonesia, I swear you would fall in love with dialouge in this film. ^^

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